2020 Presenters

Sam Block (Polyphanes)

Sam Block (polyphanes) is a magician specializing in Hermetic Renaissance planetary- and angel-centric theurgy as well as Proto-Hermetic Greco-Egyptian magical practices, a researcher and practitioner of the divinatory art of geomancy, and an initiated priest of Ogún in the Afro-Cuban orisha tradition La Regla de Ocha Lukumí. Since 2010, he has maintained the blog and website "The Digital Ambler" as a running record and source for prayers, practices, rituals, and contemplations related to his occult studies and research.

1PM - Spelling by Spelling: Greek Alphabet Divination & Magic

Troy Chambers

Troy Chambers is one half of Wolf & Goat (the Wolf half), and in addition to his involvement in several ATRs, including Ocha, Obeah and Quimbanda, is a devoted lover of the trickier ways of the Good People.

1PM - Flying Saucer to Fairyland


Chariot has been a student of magic since his teen years. Beginning with Tarot, a lifelong pursuit, he has continued to learn and embrace different forms of magic and different traditions. Primarily considering himself a Chaos Magician, in line with its original connotations, he has studied meditation, grimoiric magic, Kemetic reconstructionism, and a little bit of a great many other things. He has long had a fascination and passion for the formulation of various incense, oils and brews.

1pm - Fumigations from Orpheus to Agrippa with Chariot

Dr Alexander Cummins

Dr Alexander Cummins is a consultant, diviner, writer, magician, and historian. He approaches ritual, divination, and sorcery both as a long-term practitioner and a historian of early modern magic. Dr Cummins has worked as a professional diviner for over a decade, and published several works on astrological magic, grimoires, and folk necromancy. He also provides training, workshops, and coaching in many aspects of magical theory and practice. Originally from the Midlands of the UK, Al now makes his home in Brooklyn, New York.

4PM - The Excellent Booke: A Manual of 16th Century English Necromancy

4PM - Catching Hands: Gestural Magic for Planetary Sorcery

Nick Dickinson

Nick Dickinson is a spell-born witch from a family where witchcraft, yoga, and folk magic were being practiced and discussed daily. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional oracle, spell crafter and ritual artist. He continues to craft new magic based on the classical teachings of tantric yoga, American witchcraft, and European and Middle Eastern folk magic.

10AM - Salem Witch Power Immersion

Danielle Dionne

Danielle Dionne is psychic medium, herbalist, & witch. She runs Moth & Moon Studio, a spiritual education center located in Bedford, NH. Her eclectic practice draws upon a vast foundation in mediumship, occultism, healing arts, witchcraft, herbalism, & rootwork. Danielle is a priestess in the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition & serves as Scorpio Deputy Minister for death, dying & bereavement. She enjoys hospice work & hosts Death Cafes helping people discuss death & make the most of their finite lives. Most recently, she has authored a new book, 'Magickal Mediumship: Partnering with the Ancestors for Healing & Spiritual Development', publishing with Llewellyn later this year.

4PM - Partnering with the Dead for Magick & Healing

Justin Crockett Elzie

Justin Crockett Elzie is a Druid, Archetypal Astrologer, teacher and published author based out of Seattle and New York. His background is in Occult Studies and History which he brings into his practice of Norse magic (Seidr) and his Astrological work. He also worked in the IT industry for 6 years as a Corporate Trainer. His consultations with clients and his workshops are in-depth, and engaging. Justin teaches workshops/classes on Runes and the practice of Seidr (Norse magic), and Astrology. He is a member of (ADF) Ar Ndraiocht Fein an international Druid organization, and (OPA) Organization of Professional Astrology, and The Theosophical Society in America.

4PM - The Usage of Runes in the practice of Seidr (Norse magic)

Jenny Gacy

Jenny Gacy is a sigilcrafter and independent apparel/graphic designer that has been professionally producing sigilcraft apparel and products for four years. Blending modern, design-focused ideas with traditional eclectic witchcraft philosophies, she is passionate about the integration of personal magical ritual into practical everyday routines and general well-being.

10am - Sigilcrafting Workshop with Jenny Gacy of Hauntwell

Leah Gallagher

Leah is a practicing witch who spends her days (and lots of nights) seamstressing for various Broadway shows in New York. When she isn’t sat behind a sewing machine or making Broadway magic, she can be found around NYC making actual Magick! Leah works in the very tangible medium of spellcrafting, spinning yarn and working with fiber, imbuing it with the energies of old folk Magick, and traditions of the past.

1PM - Spinning Fiber Magick

Kris Gurky

Kris grew up foraging the New England woods for mushrooms, plants, & herbs with her Lithuanian grandmother. She has read tarot professionally for over 25 years, and teaches classes on intuitive development, tarot, & herbalism. Her goal is to empower others by awakening the inherent gifts we were all born with. Kris was an officer in the Air Force, earned an M.B.A. at Boston University, studied herbalism at the Boston School of Herbal Studies, and is completing a Masters in Herbal Medicine. She is a contributing writer for The Cartomancer Magazine, and founded Dark Moon Tarot in 2010.

4PM - Herbal Magick and Ritual Use of Herbs

J.M. Hamade

J.M Hamade is an artist, illustrator, and writer currently based out of New York City. His work focuses on the various cross sections of visual culture, aesthetics, and art history with esotericism and the study of religion in general. With a striving towards cross cultural and interdisciplinary practices, he has sought to merge a craft based creativity with his own ancestral byways in Levantine, Mexican, and Mediterranean traditions.

1pm - Through A Glass Darkly:Lunar Mansions from an Arabic Grimoiric Perspective

Jesse Hathaway Diaz

Jesse Hathaway Diaz is a folklorist, artist & performer living in New York City. With initiations in several forms of witchcraft from Europe & the Americas, he is also a lifelong student of Mexican curanderismo, an initiated olosha in Lucumí, & a Tatá Quimbanda. For the last decade he has been a member of Theatre Group Dzieci, an experimental ensemble based in NY dedicated to the search for the sacred through the medium of theatre. He is half of Wolf & Goat, a store specializing in both Traditional Craft and Quimbanda materia magica & magical art, a co-host on the Radio Free Golgotha podcast, & a co-editor on the Folk Necromancy in Transmission Series through Revelore Press.

4pm - Curanderismo: An Introduction to Mexican Folk Healing Traditions

1PM - Hallowed Hearth makes Hallowed Home: The House as Temple & Identity


Kadmus is a practicing ceremonial magician. He has written extensively for the website "Gods and Radicals" and recently published the book "True to the Earth: Pagan Political Theology" through Gods and Radicals Press, presented his paper "True to the Earth and a Pagan Conception of the Self" at the conference Rewriting the Future: 100 Years of Esoteric Modernism and Psychoanalysis, and taught two classes at the 2019 Salem Summer Symposium on "Pagan Conceptions of the Self" and "The Role of Magic in a Pagan Cosmos". Most recently he presented the paper "Every Nekuomanteia is a Katabasis: On Navigating Underworld Guardians: Ancient Insights for Contemporary Necromancy" at the International Necromancy Consortium in New Orleans.

4PM - Pagan Approaches to Goetia

1PM - Learning from Legendary Practitioners: Circe

Sarah Lyons

Sarah Lyons is a witch, writer, artist, and organizer with The Democratic Socialists of America. Her and her writer have appeared in Vice, Teen Vogue, Broadly, and The CW. She is the author of "Revolutionary Witchcraft, A Guide to Magical Activism" from Running Press.

7PM - Magical Activism 101

Kelden Mercury

Kelden has been practicing Traditional Witchcraft for more than a decade. In addition to being the co-creator of the Traditional Witches' Deck, his writing has appeared in The Witch's Altar, The New Aradia: A Witch's Handbook to Magical Resistance, and Modern Witch magazine. Furthermore, he authors a blog on the Patheos Pagan channel called By Athame and Stang. In his free time, Kelden enjoys reading, hiking, growing poisonous plants, and playing ukulele.