2020 is already one of the most politically fraught years in recent memory. A world warming, an economy on the brink of collapse, how can magic prepare us for what is coming next? In this event Sarah Lyons will examine what witchcraft offers as a radical political practice, going first over its history, it's power in the world today, and the political detentions of magic. Following the short lecture, Sarah will lead a meditation to help ground your magical and activist practices in reality, and manifest the utopia we need.


About the Presenter:

Sarah Lyons is a witch, writer, artist, and organizer with The Democratic Socialists of America. Her and her writer have appeared in Vice, Teen Vogue, Broadly, and The CW. She is the author of "Revolutionary Witchcraft, A Guide to Magical Activism" from Running Press.

7PM - Magical Activism 101


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