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"Astro-Dramas: Planetary Rhetoric in Action" is a workshop of exercises designed to activate the archetypes of astrology by exploring our everyday life situations with a poetic basis of mind. Participants will immerse themselves in extended range vocal work, uncovering how the gods and goddesses of astrological lore live between boundaries of pitch, tone and timbre (and their schisms). Through movement and the contribution of a 'forecast' text (1-2 paragraphs that they either write themselves or gather from another source), prophetic speeches are dramatized in space. Participants will tune their eyes and ears toward animating the latent archetypes in the forecast and search for the missing archetypes that demand inclusion. Participants will also write dialogues between astrological archetypes based on their life situations exploring ways to bring out the voices of the planets. Part therapeutic, part performative, astro-drama work draws inspiration from Roy Hart Theatre voice work, PanTheatre, Jodorowsky's psychomagic, archetypal psychology in the lineage of James Hillman, and the Neoplatonic lineage of Marsilio Ficino's astrological music therapy.


This is an Intermediate Level Performance and will last approx. 150 Minutes.


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Astro-Dramas: Planetary Rhetoric in Action with Nate Speare Fri 8/9/19 10am

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