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The power of our magick is predicated on awareness and intention. By developing these  fundamentals we expand our consciousness, purify our internal landscapes, and ultimately enhance our craft. As witches and magicians we may feel some reservation to approaching the often patriarchal lens of therapy. However, some of the tools of contemporary counseling can be incredibly beneficial to our magickal practice. In this class, we will be discussing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and how we can incorporate this lens into our daily practices. Through implementation of CBT tenets, we can also improve our ability to employ clear channel communication, increasing our effectiveness as channels and mediums.


This is an Intermediate Level Lecture and will last approx. 90 Minutes.


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CBT for Occult Practitioners with Aria Michaels Paradise Sat. 8/10/19 10am

  • There Are No Refunds Under Any Circumstances.