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Double Trouble Geomancy Power Hour with Dr. Al Cummins & Sam Block, Fri 8/9/19 10am


Come on down for a two-hour introductory crash course in the wonderful divinatory art of geomancy!  A thousand-year-old system of divination that started in the sands of old Arabia and the Sahara, this system of divination left a lasting impact on Western occulture and spiritual practices for hundreds of years.  Undergoing a modern renaissance of its own, join Mr. Block and Dr. Cummins to learn about this system and to get answers to all your questions about the art for divination, magic, and all other spiritual concerns you might have!


This is a Foundational Level Workshop and will last approx. 120 Minutes.


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Double Trouble Geomancy Power Hour w/ Dr. Al Cummins & Sam Block

  • There Are No Refunds Under Any Circumstances.