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Considered a “sister” to astrology, the system of divination known as geomancy was an incredibly popular and well-regarded form of divination in Renaissance Europe. It was not simply a divination system however. The talismanic use of geomantic figures - 'betwixt images and characters' - was considered by many Renaissance magicians to bridge a divide between divination and operative sorcery: offering a range of elemental, planetary and zodiacal magical techniques.

These and other examinations of how early modern geomancer magicians worked their Arts begins to demonstrate the ceremony, invocation, spell-craft, evocation, spirit-work, and theurgy underlying this once-popular art of divination. Much more than a party-trick of simple fortune-telling, geomancy apprehends, interrelates and articulates grounded lived realities fundamentally dependent upon occult cosmological meaning and the conscious sorcerous manipulations of ritual magic.

This class will guide those new to geomancy and astrological magic through the options geomantic magic presents - from the sorceries emergent from sortilege, the image magic of characters and letters, talismanic spell-craft, and simple but potent folk magics of candle, bath, prayer, and charm, as well as techniques for working a variety of tutelary elemental, planetary, and necromantic spirits of geomancy.

This illustrated lecture is taught by professional diviner and consultant sorcerer Dr Alexander Cummins, a geomancer with over a decade of personal and professional experience in geomantic divination and remediation, spirit conjuration, spell-work, and talisman-craft.


This is a Foundational Level Lecture and will last approx. 90 Minutes.


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Introduction to Geomantic Magic with Dr. Al Cummins Sat. 8/10/19 10am

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