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Lemon, once rare and treasured in ancient Rome for its healing powers, is now a commonplace supermarket commodity. But it retains its powers for luck, love and the rapid clearing of negativity. Citrus fruits were seen as powerful panaceas for both physical and spiritual afflictions and they were distilled by themselves and in combination with other citrus, herbs and spices into early colognes, such as Carmelite Water and Aqua Mirabilis. And these colognes became the basis for contemporary spiritual products like Florida Water, 4711 cologne, and Van Van. We will examine both citrus fruits and other lemon-scented herbs such as Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, and Lemongrass which share magical properties.


This is a Foundational Level Lecture and will last approx. 90 Minutes.


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Lucky Lemon with J.W. Dotson M.D. Thurs. 8/8/19 10am

  • There Are No Refunds Under Any Circumstances.