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You Put What In There?! The Historical & Practical Use of Witch Bottles with Julia Penelope Fri 8/9/19 10am


Witch bottles are one of the most historically documented countermagick devices found in Europe and places colonized by Europeans. Traditionally they were usually filled with sharp metal objects, hair/nails, various forms of liquid (often urine) and often hidden within walls or buried under doorsteps in an effort attract and trap psychic attacks directed at their makers. In modern times, witch bottles are used for many different kinds of spells but are still often chosen as the first line of defense when protecting property or personhood. This workshop will provide a historical and archaeological overview of witch bottles (including the showcasing of a witch bottle recovered in an excavation from the Rebecca Nurse Homestead-the oldest woman murdered during the Salem Witch Trials). We will also go over the modern use of witch bottles and then everyone will get the chance to make their own witch bottle- supplies will be provided by me with liquid to be added later ;)


This is a Foundational Level Workshop & Lecture and will last approx. 60 Minutes.


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You Put What In There?!The Historical & Practical Use of Witch Bottles w/ Julia

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